Cyclist With Right of Way Hit by Car on Florida Street

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8 個月前

Footage released by police on November 18 shows the moment a car hit a cyclist who was using a crossing in St Petersburg, Florida, on November 1.

The St Petersburg Police Department shared the video to its Facebook page, writing that the victim would not face charges since he had the right of way.

According to the police, the crossing lights were flashing as the victim crossed the street. The video shows the cyclist gesturing as he approaches two vehicles. Despite his right of way, neither of them stop, and one hits him, knocking him off his bike.

“It is the law that drivers stop if there is anyone in a crosswalk. The driver who hit him should have stayed at the scene until police arrived, and cooperated with their investigation,” the police wrote. Credit: Ste Petersburg Police Department via Storyful

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    zen fast
    i suport cycling and cyclists... but he was travelling so fast if they saw him the time available to stop is very short.but of course they should have stopped after the accident.
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