Disgruntled Kitten Isn't On Board With Her Halloween Costume

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1 個月前

A TikTok user in Emmett, Washington, was just trying to get in the Halloween spirit with her kitten – but the feline, Blossom, had other ideas.

This video, shared by Ashley Morrison on her TikTok page “Youngest Old Cat Lady” on October 17, shows Blossom emerging from a plush honey pot dressed as a bee before writhing around in her costume.

Blossom, a domestic shorthair cat who was rescued by Morrison after she was found living outside, didn’t dislike the whole outfit, Morrison explained.

“She was only in the costume about 30 seconds. She didn’t like the hat, but she didn’t mind the outfit,” Morrison told Storyful. Credit: Youngest Old Cat Lady via Storyful

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