Disney's 'Mulan' will go straight to streaming

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2 個月前

The wait will soon be over for Disney's "Mulan."

The company announced Tuesday (August 4) "Mulan" will skip most of the world's movie theaters, and go straight to the company's streaming platform, Disney+, in September.

That decision comes after the movie's theatrical release was postponed indefinitely last month.

Originally scheduled for March, Mulan's release has been delayed several times over due to the global health crisis.

And it remains unclear when big U.S. movie theater chains will be able to reopen their doors.

U.S. subscribers to Disney+ will need to pay $30 on top of their monthly fee to rent and watch the live-action epic.

The cost will vary slightly in other countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Western Europe.

However, "Mulan" will still be playing in cinemas on Sept. 4 in places where movie theaters are back in business, and which also don't have Disney+ just yet.

The surprise announcement came on an earnings call--where Disney reported a nearly $5 billion hit during the third quarter.

The company says that's largely due to the health crisis changing the way people watch media, and many of Disney's parks having shut down around the globe.

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