Duke of York seen for first time since withdrawing from public duties

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22 天前
The Duke of York leaves his home in Windsor, Berkshire, the day after he suspended his work with his charities, organisations and military units because of the fallout from his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
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    Much wider network of offenders in his circle...politicians, celebrities, household names...mark my words...
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    I feel that the hysteria being whipped up with the press also has a different agenda goin on as well. Much of the press is anti monarchy and would like to see it abolished. This is a gift from heaven for them and they are using it to the fullest.
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    I find it very disturbing as I find the press coverage and elsewhere somewhat of a witch hunt against PA. Like it or not it is not illegal to hang out with charged peodophiles. If it was, half of our government and major celebs would be in jail after the Jimmy Saville case. He has accusations of underaged sex made against him and if this is proven then yes he should face the same legal charges as anyone else but as yet it is just that an accusation that has not been proved despite the fact that he has been made so by the press and media. Coming back to his connection to Epstein the same attention and coverage of PA should also be given to other well known people who classed him as a friend such as Obama, Ellen de Generes, Hilary Clinton, well known Models and many others of the same ilk. Why is this not being covered as well.
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    Time for a change. Abolish the monarchy.
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    Peter S
    Waving to another under-aged girl I suppose.
    Charles should have his brother banished from the UK as soon as he becomes king.
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