Dutch artist uses ultraviolet light to imagine a safe future

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An artist is using ultraviolet light as his medium

to create new spaces to safely interact with others

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ARTIST, DAAN ROOSEGAARDE, SAYING: “I think I really became inspired by using design, using science to create places which are safer, instead of being stuck in this Zoom screen all the time.”

UVC light kills viruses and is invisible to the human eye

The installation uses visible light to illustrate safe zones

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ARTIST, DAAN ROOSEGAARDE, SAYING: "It's so important to invest in new ideas, to inspire and to create a better new normal. Because if we're not the architects of our future, we are its victims. This is not instead of a vaccine or the government rules, it's an extra barrier, an extra safe zone for schools, hospitals, train stations."

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