Emergency Warnings as Gospers Mountain Fire Burns Out of Control

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23 天前

The New South Wales Rural Fire Services issued an emergency warning to residents in the Hawkesbury area to Sydney’s northwest, on Tuesday, November 19, as the Gospers Mountain Fire continued to spread.

As of the evening of November 19, the fire, in the Wollemi National Park area, had burned more than 355,000 acres and was out of control, the fire service said. The fire service advised locals in several areas to monitor conditions. “Leaving early is your safest option,” it said.

Residents of Colo Heights, however, were told it was too late to leave. “Seek shelter as the fire approaches,” the service advised.

Further afield, the fire was sending plumes of smoke over Sydney, where the air quality was reported locally as 20 times worse than Beijing. Credit: NSW Rural Fire Service via Storyful

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