Explosions and Sirens Continue in Kyiv as 'Morning Missiles' Follow Overnight Attack

1 年前

Explosions and sirens continued to be heard in Kyiv on the morning of May 29, after Russia launched a second nighttime drone and missile attack in a row on the Ukrainian capital.

Jay Beecher recorded footage in the early morning darkness, as blasts could be heard, and followed with further footage the morning after as explosions and sirens again were heard across the city. “After a long night of explosions … Moscow has decided to launch some morning missiles,” Beecher said on Twitter.

The head of Kyiv’s administration said authorities were working to clarify information on any casualties.

Regarding the previous night’s attack, the military said that, thanks to air defenses, “no hits were recorded" and that only minor damage was reported. Credit: Journalist Jay Beecher via Storyful