Farmers Using Clamp to Save Cow Stuck in Hole Becomes TikTok Hit

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2 個月前

The rescue of a missing cow, which involved a clamp and a tractor, after it got stuck down a hole on a rural Irish farm has become an unexpected TikTok hit, racking up 1.4 million views at the time of writing.

Ben Lawless, a resident of Dunderry in County Meath, captured the rescue on camera.

“As far as we know the cow was only in there for less than a day,” he told Storyful, adding that 13 cows had gone missing “and we couldn’t find them” before a friend flew his drone over the area and spotted the cows in “a field three miles down the road.”

He said that the rescue of this particular cow “didn’t take too long,” and that “we got someone down with the lift and clamped it onto her and then it was just a matter of lifting her up.”

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