Four children wounded in knife attack in France

STORY: Four children and an adult are wounded, and some in critical condition, after a knife attack by a Syrian national at a playground in this park in France.

That's according to police.

It happened in the town of Annecy, in the Alps.

Witnesses say at least one of the children wounded in the attack was in a stroller.

Police said the wounded children are aged between 22 months and three years.

A police official told Reuters the attacker had legal refugee status in France.

He was not known to security agencies and his motives were unclear, according to an investigative source.

The interior minister says that the attacker is under arrest.

Police said two children and one adult were in life-threatening condition, while two children were slightly hurt.

French President Emmanuel Macron said in a statement on Twitter, that the nation was in shock, calling the attack "an act of absolute cowardice."

This resident is saying everyone expects this to hapen in big cities like Marseille, Paris or Lyon, but now, the target will be places where no one expects it to put fear into people.

One eyewitness told French news channel BFMTV that the attacker jumped in the playground and started shouting before going towards the strollers and, quote, repeatedly hitting the little ones with a knife.

The French Parliament observed a minute of silence to mark the incident.