Gaza girl found in rubble after Israeli airstrike

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A six-year-old Palestinian girl was found deep inside a pile of rubble on Sunday (May 17), after her home in Gaza city was hit by an Israeli airstrike.

Suzy Eshkuntana was trapped under the debris for seven hours.

Her mother and all four of her siblings were killed.

She was rushed to Shifa hospital and reunited with her father - Riyad Eshkuntana.

"I ran to check up on the girls. My wife jumped - she hugged the girls and took them out of the room, then a second airstrike hit the room. I could feel the ceilings were destroyed and I was left under the rubble. The last moment I saw my wife, I saw that she threw herself on the floor and the concrete fell on her head. We didn't think that the ceiling and walls would fall."

The Palestinian family's home was in the same area as an Israeli strike on a militant tunnel system in Gaza.

The military said the collapse of the tunnel system caused the houses above to collapse and led to unintended civilian casualties.

"I was under the rubble, I was stuck in a place. My hand was under a pole and my legs under another pole. I was in bad situation. I heard my son Zain calling: 'Daddy, daddy'. His voice was okay, but I couldn't turn to look at him because I was trapped. Then I started to say 'God.. God.'

Israel says it is attacking Hamas, which along with other militant groups, has fired thousands of rockets towards Israeli cities.

Those rockets have killed Israelis and sent millions scrambling to "safe rooms" and shelters across the country.

As for Suzy, doctors say she is bruised but has no severe injuries.

"I was filled with all the anger of the universe, but when I heard that one of my daughters was alive, I said thank God because this girl might capture some - even a little - of my other daughters' smiles because she was their sister."

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