Global challenges at heart of London showcase

STORY: Designs that confront global challenges are front

and center at this year's London Design Biennale

(Victoria Broackes, Director, London Design Biennale)

“The theme this year is - 'The Global Game: Remapping Global Collaborations' and that is really addressing the fact that whilst we know that design and architecture is fantastically collaborative, you know, any studio you go into, you'll see a lot of international people and you'll work with physicists and scientists and all the rest. But we're saying whatever you're doing now, it's not enough. We need to do more, go further and really think about what we're doing if we're going to be usefully addressing the challenges of the world.”

This display was inspired by the work of social

action initiative 'The Window Project'

(Zofia Jaworowska, Co-creator at the Polish pavilion)

“So the windows that you see in the back are windows, part of the windows that we've collected in London from Londoners. And they will be later shipped on to Kyiv as well to support the reconstruction process. And this is a cool opportunity to talk about material reuse in general and the building sector, which is responsible for most of the carbon footprint and material reuse, is an opportunity to sort of change the aesthetics of architecture, but also to provide substantial help to those in need in crisis situations.”

Other displays include household items

designed by AI-powered robot Ai-Da

and an interactive setup offering

bread-making workshops from Austria

The exhibition runs until June 25