Harvard moving to online-classes 'ridiculous' -Trump

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1 個月前

"I see where Harvard announced that they're closing for the season, or for the year. I think it's ridiculous, I think it's an easy way out," Trump said.

Colleges and universities have been forced to adjust reopening plans, including altering their calendars and holding some courses online.

Harvard University said on Monday all of its courses would be online for the upcoming academic year.

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    Harvard students are among the brightest hardest-working, most diligent students in the world. I'm sure they'll be able to handle and prosper with online learning.
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    Harvard is one of the most notable universities in the world and Trump says that their move for online classes is ridiculous. This is the stable genius speaking about a decision made by people who throughout the years has ensure a safe working environment for employees and a great campus for learning. Trump on the other hand has caused more destruction in three (3) years than any president in history. He has bankrupted the country like he has done several of his companies.
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    Trump complains about everything and should just do his job.....golfing, conventions, Twitter, TV, etc...
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    Exactly, Trump University would have remained open for all students and have had classes resume just like the pre Rona days. Too bad it was shut down for fraud. It was a prestigious institution for higher learning. One of the best many people have said. Such a shame, now the chance to proudly display a Trump University diploma on your wall is gone forever.
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    An easy way out of what? Not spreading COVID? You don't need to be accepted to or a graduate of Harvard to realize that is the goal this country should be united in.
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    Smart decision!
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    I really do not want anyone to get the virus .But may be if one Trumps family got bad Trump would say they were faking it .
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    The Dark Elf
    Trump couldn't get into Harvard even when he paid someone to take his SATs. Sad.
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    Trump did so well with trump University he feels qualified to give advise to others.
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    So is trying to run a county via Twitter.
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