'I've only got heart medication until Sunday'

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8 個月前
Amy and Jackie Ward spoke to Sky News about their fear for Amy's health, who only has limited heart medication with her.
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    If this lady has a serious heart condition, then why have a far away foreign holiday? If they can pay for this luxury holiday they should be able to pay for insurance for this or pay for the required medications from a hospital.
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    It would certainly take your mind off it,while you were rummaging around,looking for your old Jefferson Airplane albums.
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    Lose some weight then darling and you wouldn’t have heart problems.
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    Only has tablets until Sunday and a six pack pack of MARS Bars the only evident problem to me is with her Feet "Doesn't seem able to keep them out of the Fish shop"!!!
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    Maybe if the fat fcker started walking around the parks she is in ,,instead of hitting the food stalls she wouldnt need any medication at all.
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    Talk about gross. If these fat lumps were to eat properly, loose a ton of weight and take bit of exercise they may not even need medicine . Hopefully nature will take its course on their overloaded heart. There is absolutely NO excuse for the way they look and the picture offends my screen.
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    Just ask your selves, Where did she go and why didn't she have her medication with her?
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    Start doing some exercise that might help.
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    To be healthy is a problem of anturage some times, not of biology...
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