Johnson makes face coverings compulsory in England’s shops

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1 個月前
Johnson makes face coverings compulsory in England’s shops As of July 24, it will be mandatory to wear a face covering whilst shopping in England. The Government have announced this fresh move to aid other measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will say on Tuesday, anyone failing to comply with the order could face a fine of up to £100. It follows a weekend of criticism and confusion over face coverings as with ministers gave differing opinions. The move will bring England into line with Scotland, where face coverings are already mandatory in shops. Enforcement of the regulations will be the responsibility of the police. As is the case on public transport, children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt.
  • j
    Unenforceable unless there are police in every shop! It is already ignored here in Scotland and I will not turn away customers.
  • J
    So you have to wear a mask in a shop where you spend a short time to buy food, but in a restaurant or pub where you can spend an hour or more you don't have to wear a mask? Are these people completely mad or what?
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    The farce goes on. There is no evidence that mask wearing has any benefit whatsoever in stopping any supposed contagion. Indeed, its likely that wearing a mask will cause other respiratory illness. We are living in a tyranny of monumental proportions and the criminals in Westminster have even greater attacks on our freedom planned.
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    A non-bigot
    So I and others wont visit shops. How long will the highstreet last now............?
  • S
    Am I really living in the UK? It feels like I'm living in China or some other totalitarian state! The British value of freedom is diminishing in front of our very own eyes all over some benign virus that is no more virulent than the flu!
  • M
    Why wait so long? Get the law into force by the weekend. That is plenty of time for shops to get their act together. It's not exactly complicated. Anyone can buy a mask within an hour or two. No reason for the delay.
  • J
    It is strange how one of his Tory budddies has started up a PPE manufacturing company to make masks, then this policy is announced. This company has no employees yet, and, of course, no history of quality, or any history of customer satisfaction, and not even land for a factory, yet it has been awarded a contract by the government to manufacture masks. It is almost as if Boris is giving public, tax-payer money to his mates despite there being much better companies out there who deserve the contract.
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    It retaliation it should be made compulsory for Roly Poly Fat Boris to wear a corset and good support bra in public
  • R
    Why the ten day delay?
  • G
    My 2 local convenience stores have already put up signs saying that masks are OPTIONAL.
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