Large rally backs Mexico president amid reform dispute

STORY: Tens of thousands of people packed out the streets of Mexico City on Sunday, in a massive show of support for President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The crowd came from near and far after pushback to the president’s political agenda in recent weeks.

Including a protest march of similar size against him.

Critics fear his ideas for electoral reform could lead to a grab for power – he says they would improve democracy.

But Sunday was a big show of popularity for Lopez Obrador, with some marching alongside him toward the capital’s Zocalo square.

“We know it has not been easy, there is still a lot to do, but we are very happy that the president has fulfilled most of his commitments.”

"All the benefits are for the good of the people, that is what’s happening in Mexico. More than 80 years of repression by the PRI and PAN governments are over, that's what’s happening in Mexico."

At the square, the president, locally known by his initials AMLO, refuted critics’ concerns.

“Effective franchise and effective democracy,” AMLO told his supporters. “Re-election, no.”

Among the reforms, the budget of the country's electoral commission would be slashed, along with the number of seats in a part of congress.

Congress began discussing the reform proposal earlier this month.

AMLO says it aims to limit economic influence in politics.

But his opponents fear it would concentrate power in the hands of the government.