Lululemon vs Peloton: battle of the exercise brands

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2 個月前

Lululemon and Peloton - two of the most recognizable names in the exercise gear market - just took their growing legal battle up a notch.

Lululemon threw the latest punch on Monday when it followed through with a threat to sue Peloton over "copycat products" in Peloton's new clothing line.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court - seeks triple damages for what Lululemon called "willful" infringement of six design patents.

Peloton and its lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Lululemon's legal action comes a week after Peloton brought its own lawsuit in Manhattan federal court, seeking a declaration that Lululemon's claims had no merit.

The dispute centers on Peloton's September launch of a private-label apparel brand after its five-year co-branding relationship with Lululemon came to an end.

Lululemon is accusing Peloton of producing knock-offs and wants them pulled from shelves.

But Peloton says in its lawsuit that customers would not have trouble telling the companies' products apart, and that Lululemon's designs were not special enough to merit patent protection.

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