Michelle Obama Meets Young Fans at Book Signing in Washington

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8 個月前

Two young girls, named Marleigh and Camille, had the good fortune of meeting one of their heroes in Washington on Monday evening, November 18, when they attended a Michelle Obama book signing at Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore.

Marleigh’s mother posted about the encounter on Instagram. “Marleigh was invited by [Jared Catapano] to meet Michelle Obama at her book signing and it was more special than we could’ve imagined,” read the post. “[He] is Marleigh’s favorite teacher, a close family friend, and someone who has played a huge role in helping Marleigh find her voice.”

On finding out Marleigh was being accompanied by her teacher to the event, Obama said to Catapano, “Aren’t you the coolest?”

Obama said to Camille, a 6th grader: “You look beautiful. But, more importantly, I can tell you’re smart.”

The book signing was held to mark the one-year anniversary of Obama’s memoir, “Becoming.” Credit: Michelle Obama via Storyful

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    Bobo Belmonte
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    Her and her husband have made millions on book deals. My question is what could they write about except their hatred for this country
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    Perhaps Michelle Obama can add a chapter or two in her next book about her role in circumventing justice in the Smollett case.
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