'Never too old to learn English' for Hanoi grannies

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STORY: [Nguyen Thi Loc, English student]

“My name’s Loc. It's never too old to learn English."

These Vietnamese grannies meet every Tuesday to study English

79-year-old Nguyen Thi Loc joins a group of grey-haired students

The aim is to socialize and keep their brains sharp

It comes as scientific studies increasingly show the benefits of learning a language

to maintain and enhance cognitive abilities, including for senior citizens

[Nguyen Thi Loc, English student]

“The pronunciations, the tongue twisters, words with muted letters, words that we have to curl our lips. All of these are very difficult for us."

Phung Thi Yen, 30, set up the classes to give the elderly a place where they could learn and socialize

She and her group of volunteers are currently teaching 200 elderly students

[Phung Thi Yen, English teacher]

“In this English class for the elderlies, these grannies have been trying hard and made a lot of effort to get to where they are now. At the very least, they have built for themselves a sizeable vocabulary that they can utilize in their daily lives."