NYPD Officers Restrain Man Smashing Patrol Car Windshield During Protest for Tyre Nichols

1 年前

A man climbed onto a patrol car in New York City’s Time Square and smashed the windshield during a protest on on Friday, January 27, following the release of bodycam footage showing Memphis Police beating Tyre Nichols to death.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported that 29-year-old Nichols died in the hospital on January 10 after a physical altercation with police on January 7. The five officers who “caused Nichols’ injuries” were charged with second-degree murder on Thursday.

Demonstrators took to the streets after the body camera footage showing the violent altercation was released to the public on Friday.

Video posted by @datainput on Friday shows officers swarming a man as he smashed a police car windshield in Times Square.

Local news outlets reported that the man “was arrested for criminal mischief to a police vehicle” while “two other people were also arrested during the protests but it was unclear what for.” Credit: @datainput via Storyful