Oxford Uni 'moving very quickly' on vaccine

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20 天前
AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot gives an update on the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine.
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    I do not trust any pharma company, I checked violation tracker to see the settlements paid out - I just would not trust any vaccine put out -
    Its all profit nothing else
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    china been wearing face masks for years due to polution and not stopped the virus? corona is flu get it every year we are being scamed gates vaccine on the way!
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    Good for them and the sheep waiting for their poison . Me no thanks.
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    ...but has now stopped, as they found the lab they were working in was built using money from a 'slave' owner' in who died in 1682. So you are going to die people, from the new form of ' BLACK' death..get used to the idea.
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    I have a perfectly healthy immune system,served me well for 60 years,I eat healthily and exercise regularly, now why should I compromise that by injecting your #$%$ into me ?
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