'PM made no attempt to contact us'

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10 個月前
Dave Merritt, the father of London Bridge terror attack victim, Jack Merritt, has been critical of Boris Johnson's handling of the terror incident.
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    Totaly illogical to try to blame BJ. Was he holding the knife? If anyone is politicising this awful happening it is the father. One understands his grief but not his seeming obsession with blaming the PM.
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    I think Mr Merritt's own comments leave a lot to be desired.
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    Own up........you been caught, we all know Corbyns a Bunt & a risk to the country.
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    This man is wrong being nice to terrorists get you killed he has now seen this for himself .i am sorry for him but he does not speak for the majority who want less of these people here and want to lock up people who want terror on the Streets.
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    Who does Dave Merritt think he is to demand that the Prime Minister of the UK contacts him. Boris has a country to run in which many people get murdered.
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    When`s the book coming out ?
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    Mr. Merrritt don't you think you should grief the loss of your son for all the good work he has done rather and using him makes no sense. Let your son's soul rest in peace and don't be blaming anyone for your misfortunes. Terrorists who are people who are out there to kill no matter how nice to them. Your son was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got killed.
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    Mr Merritt is using his sons death to push his left wing political opinions - I am sorry for his loss but think he is acting in a disgraceful manner
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    I’m sorry but while very sad in deed it has nothing to do with BJ. Had his son not been one of the softies on crime he would still be here.
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    Can`t this man see the failure of his and his dead son`s policy of trying to convert hardened terrorists when it is staring him in the face?
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