Pope 'pained' by Turkey's Hagia Sophia decision

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4 個月前

Pope Francis said on Sunday (July 12) he was hurt by Turkey's decision to make Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum a mosque.

"My thoughts go to Istanbul. I think of Santa Sophia and I am very pained."

He is the the latest religious leader to condemn the move.

A court ruling revoked the ancient monument's status as a museum.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan declared the Haiga Sophia was once again a mosque, and the first prayers would be held on July 24.

It's one of Istanbul's top tourist attractions, and lay at the heart of both the Christian Byzantine and Muslim Ottoman empires.

The World Council of Churches has called on Erdogan to reverse his decision.

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    I'm glad that my wife and I got to visit Istanbul a few years ago. It was a great place to see historic and beautiful places, and enjoy great food. Since Erdogan has decided to undo Ataturk's efforts make Turkey a great and progressive nation, we won't be back.
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    When Israel takes over the Dome of the Rock Mosque what will Erdogan say?
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    I wonder if he feels the same about all the Roman temples, including the Pantheon, that the church re-purposed into christian churches.....
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    Payback for the Crusades?
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    Very sad!
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    So what? It's a been their country since 1453 & not been a Christian church since then; they can do what they want with their state-owned property.
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    Erdogan real name: Sultan Erdogan!
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    Wasn't the building originally a Mosque?
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    what would charlie hebo say?
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    Allah is Baal, the moon god. Nothing has changed in 3000+ years.
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