Are robots the future of food delivery?

STORY: Location: University of Illinois at Chicago

Are robots like this the future of food delivery?

The fully-automated robot navigates its way to bring food to hungry scholars

There are machines like this at 30 college campuses in the U.S. and various across Europe

Date: November 28, 2022

Starship Technologies says the company has recently completed its 4 millionth delivery worldwide

[Chip Comery, Area Operations Lead, Starship Technologies]

“You know, every ten deliveries that a robot does takes out a car. You know, it's throughout the course of a day, the average robot would deliver ten deliveries. And that's, you know, taking carbon emissions out of our campuses, making them cleaner and greener.”

[Bella Vrapciu, Student]

“Sometimes I'm lazy so I don't want to go and get my own food. If someone can bring it to me, that’d be nice. I don't like, like sometimes, you don't have to deal with people, like the Uber eats driver. It's nice, just a robot.”