Labour backs abolishing private schools in conference vote

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5 個月前
Attendees at Labour's conference agree the party should commit to "integrate all private schools into the state sector".
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    That’s all the votes gone from the many doctors at my daughters school who predominately support labour due to the NHS but educate their children privately. I know which of these two is closest to their hearts, and it’s not the NHS.
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    Is that because Corbyn didn't like the fee paying private school he went to?
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    Presumably there will be discrete get out arrangements for Labour "ministers" (dream on ) who want to continue their children's private education Abbott et al.
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    there not enough school state places as it is across the country, this is a democratic country whereby parents who can afford private schools pay, therefore enabling state schools to have more places, the reason why schools are over subscribed is again due to immigration and large families.
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    "State Sector"? Do they mean Academies which are by no stretch of the imagination State Sector?
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    So what will all the Labour MP's with kids in Private schools ( Abbott ) do now ?
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    If this happens my country will be following the UK out of the EU. We will not forgive the EU and we will not forgive Varadkar for wrecking our dreams.
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    Labour will do what the EU tell them and I would expect the schools to move to EU countries like Eire and France. But hey ho why would we expect our politicians to come up with sensible idea?
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    The politics of envy and jealousy
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    He should leave those mushrooms alone.
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