Second-ever woman Nobel Econ winner hopes to be role model for others

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4 個月前

U.S.-based economist Ester Duflo made history on Monday... when she became the second female winner of the Nobel Economics Prize and the youngest at 46 years old.

She won it with her husband and fellow MIT colleague Abijit Banerjee as well as Harvard University researcher Michael Kremer for their work on fighting poverty.


"There are not very [many] Nobel prizes that has gone to people who mainly work on social problems. And so, being a woman, working on social issues, I hope that I can also be kind of a role model for others to think, 'you know, look, actually it's pretty interesting this field and it's much more varied than you think'."

The trio's work focuses on how poverty can be tackled by breaking it down into smaller and more precise questions.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which awards the Prize, said their work ranged from helping millions of school children to helping governments increase funding for preventative medicine.

Jakob Svensson is a member of the committee for the prize in economic sciences.


"What they have done is to essentially construct, to come up with a new approach, and the simplest way to put it is that they have taken broad questions, such as why are kids not learning in school, and they break that down into many more detailed questions and then they try to answer those detailed questions."

The winners said they hoped their work would inspire more people to take rigorous, scientific approaches to the fight against poverty.

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    Well done!
  • K
    This is garbage and lies from the Nobel academy.
    Poverty is caused by exploitation by feudal lords.
    Poverty can ONLY be reduced by education.
    Poor people are those ignorant-impressionable who rely on job creators for income.
    But they are enslaved by their employers.
    Education for people to fight back exploitation, because uneducated people don't know how to organize themselves into forces for better wage negotiation. Unions are not the answers, because unions are run by corrupted bosses.
    Education to produce more job creators. Only competition between more job creators can bring more income to workers.

    Reality is that only an income taxation-redistribution system designed to maximize economic growth rate can eradicate poverty. Remember that the economy can be defined as the summation of the incomes of all citizens, therefore maximizing the economy is to eradicate poverty.
    Taxation-redistribution designed according to some religious-ideological-emotional-spiritual garbage and lies about human behaviors is what produces poverty, because it cons, tricks, and rigs stupid-gullible people into poverty.

    In summary:
    1. Poverty can ONLY be reduced with EDUCATION and a free society that can guaranty FAIR competition.
    2. Capitalism is not the answer because it doesn't guaranty fair competition. Capitalism is always run by kings and barons, so it slows down and delays poverty reduction.
    3. Socialism is incompetently run by revolutionaries who are full of emotional-spiritual garbage, while lacking the knowledge, the efficiency of the ruthless realistic kings and barons.
    4. Communism is run by thugs and cr00ks, for the sole goal of exploitation of people, people kept ignorant-impressionable, uneducated, controlled, and brainwashed.
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