Smoke Fills Cabin of Delta Flight on Runway in Madrid, Forcing Evacuation of Passengers

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8 個月前

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight from Madrid to New York were forced to evacuate on Tuesday, November 19, when smoke filled the cabin, as seen in this video from a passenger.

The flight was delayed by over two hours, according to FlightAware.

“They waited to see what it was until they let us out of the plane,” tweeted the passenger who shot the video. “I have not stopped coughing.”

Delta tweeted that its maintenance teams were working to resolve the issue. Credit: @roccotons via Storyful

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    What kind of plane?
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    The Truth Hurts
    They look like they are quickly grabbing their personal belongings.
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    you know what we say in the pipeline business...if its got #$%$ or wheels its gonna be nothin' but problems
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