'Stay the F*** Off The Road': Cyclist Captures Confrontation With Driver

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4 個月前

A cyclist captured an altercation between himself, a fellow cyclist, and a motorist just off the A1A in Palm Beach, Florida, on July 7.

Diego Broglia was cycling along the A1A when a driver in a white SUV came close to him and the group of cyclists he was with. Broglia followed the SUV into a parking lot where he and another cyclist had a verbal altercation with the driver.

In the footage, the driver can be seen holding a gun in his hand before putting it in his pocket. The cyclists approached the driver, asking him to “just be careful.” The driver then tells the cyclists “No, I’m not being careful. Stay the f*** off the road,” as the cyclists argue he was too close as he passed them.

According to several Florida bicycle road safety organizations, the minimum clearance for passing a cyclist in a vehicle is three feet..

“I just wanted help him understand that he has to share his road and that we all want to get home safe to our families,” Broglia wrote on Facebook.

“He just went really close to us and we all freaked out because his mirror could just wipe us out,” Broglia told Local 10. Credit: Diego Broglia via Storyful

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    It goes both ways. Cyclists are supposed to follow the rules of the road, including stopping at stop signs and red lights.
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    As a cyclist and I'm all for road safety and having motor vehicles give enough room but following someone and confronting them is just looking for trouble by causing a confrontation over nothing.
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    There fact is, therevis no legally defined safe distance to pass a bicyclist when driving a car. Claiming an automobile driver 'could have' done something is a straw man argument. We can all share the road. Sharing the road means sharing the risk. Bicyclists think sharing the road means they entitled to the same gaps and spacing as automobiles which they are not. We passed several cyclists on a mountain road yesterday who spread out as wide as two bicycles af times. We road behind them for a couple of miles before we finally had sufficient time and space to pass. Of CV ourse as we pass, one of the cyclists shouts watch out as we pass. The truth is the cyclists feel very entitled to the road but fail to empathize with the people they impact at the speeds a bicycle can travel at. Sharing means being conscientious over what you are doing as well as how you impact others. That's the part many cyclists choose to ignore.
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    I used to be an avid road cyclist. It just became too dangerous. I switched to full time mountain bike and feel great about it
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    Here in CA. , the bikes have their own lane and they still drive into traffic, dont stop at lights or stop signs. If me and my car have to share the road with bicycles, then bicycles and their owners need to OBEY the rules of the road, have a license and insurance. Bicycles arent the problem, its their owners. 😉😉
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    Might explain to cyclists that they need to follow the rules as a vehicle and stop at STOP signs. Not go through them without stopping.
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    When the city engineers designed the roads they were thinking of cars and trucks not bicyclists
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    fyi, them following him into the parking lot and engaging him like that is actually considered road rage, bikes need to be the most cautious ones, they will always come out on the bottom if something happens, the road is for vehicles, it is why they put bike lanes on roads that have room for it, small roads like this should not be allowed to have bikes on them as it allows to much risk and zero reward no matter the outcome
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    Too many cyclists think and behave as if they are exempt from the rules of the road. A majority of roads were paved for vehicles, not cyclists. They also cannot peddle to meet the minimum or maximum speed limit. I suggest they stay on bike paths and/or bike trails, not the roadways or highways until the system is designed for both cyclists and vehicles.
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    I'm sure this cyclist follows all driving law, like signaling, stopping at stop signs, etc?
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