Texas officer resigns after shooting woman

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4 個月前

The officer, Aaron Dean, would have been fired on Monday had he not resigned beforehand, Fort Worth Police Chief Edwin Kraus told a news conference.

"Had the officer not resigned, I would have fired him for violations of several policies including our use of force policy," said Kraus. "Despite his resignation, the officer still faces criminal charges from the major case investigation."

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    Why hasn't he been arrested yet?
  • O
    He'll be arrested and charged, this is much worse then what happened in Dallas and the WFPD knows that.
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    should of been arrested on the spot, then fired and thrown in jail with no bond. PERIOD
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    Rob D
    The special treatment cops get is just amazing. I'll bet the other cops weren't following their "protocol" shining lights in windows while they were creeping around the house either...
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    What about the second officer on the video? There was a second unit at the home 1.17 minutes after the first, and he didn't shoot, but seems like he wasn't following protocol either...
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    He has been arrested and charged with murder. Yahoo is hours behind
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    Who GaF if you WOULD HAVE fired him. Why is he not in a cell?
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    The blue line protects its own again - allowing him to quit so that he wouldn't have the firing on his employment record. Guess he'll just join the force in the next town over.
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    Common Sense - Common Courtesy
    He'll just get another police job elsewhere in the South.
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    Barney Fiff
    He may want to leave the country, deserves at least 10 years!
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