Thomas Cook collapses after rescue talks fail
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Travel giant Thomas Cook has ceased trading after failing to secure a last-ditch rescue deal, leaving an estimated 150,000 Britons abroad awaiting repatriation. The company was unable to secure the extra £200 million needed to keep the business afloat following a full day of crucial talks with the major shareholder and creditors on Sunday. In a statement, the UK Civil Aviation Authority said: “Thomas Cook Group, including the UK tour operator and airline, has ceased trading with immediate effect. “All Thomas Cook bookings, including flights and holidays, have now been cancelled.”
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    Cerys Howe
    Thomas Cook was purchased by Condor of Germany some years ago, Condor is in trouble itself but it would appear the the German Government will provide aid for Condor but only for it's home business not it's international sectors. Thomas Cook should have been allowed to die some eight years ago.
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    THE NAME TOMAS COOK IS ENGLISH but the fact is that this firm is owned by GERMANY and they should be paying to return these people. Why should the UK pay for the repatriation home paid for by our taxes.THE FIRM IS GERMAN so therefore GERMANY needs to pay for this NOT THE UK TAX PAYER
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    The start of things to come.
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    The trouble with all these companies that go bust, is the fact that they get too big to manage properly. They operate on borrowed money and can't fund their operations which costs millions of pounds just to pay wages every month and run their aircraft. Other will follow because the bigger they get, the harder they fall. Late Rooms was another example that went bust only a few months ago.
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    Oh well done brexit fools.