Trump claims progress in fight against COVID-19

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1 個月前

President Trump also said he expects the U.S. will produce a therapeutic or vaccine for the new coronavirus "long before" the end of the year. He said this as Florida and Texas reported new single-day record increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases on Saturday.

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    Wayne G
    We now have over 130,000 reasons to vote for Joe.
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    Gary No one
    Democrats will claims it's out of control. If Trump said safety measure were not working lying Democrats would say the opposite. If Trump handed out $2000 checks Democrats would complain about he Deficit, but if Democrats handed out $2000 checks it would be the best thing ever. We the voting public see the corruption of the Party of Lies with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer at the head of the Domestic Enemy Parade. Everyone knows now, that Democrats ran the Plantation in the South in the early 1800 and Democrats run the inner City plantation of Today.
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    Delusional as always.
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    Tired of Nitwits
    The man is incapable of opening his mouth without lying.
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    George G
    trump said 200,000 deaths would be a victory for him. so he is making progress. you're almost there, donny. smh
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    Wayne G
    ...and Mexico will pay for the wall, and we will have cheaper and better healthcare, and this virus is just like the flu, and this virus will all go away by April, and...
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    Deranged/delusional..... business as usual.
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    Trump is the best president ever !!!!!!!!!!
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    Where does he even live?
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    The stock market is booming on the bright side
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