U.S. dismisses sharing vaccines with Mexico

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2 個月前

The U.S. isn’t ready to share its COVID-19 vaccine supply with Mexico just yet. That's according to the White House on Monday.

“The administration's focus is on ensuring that every American is vaccinated, and once we accomplish that objective, we are happy to discuss then further steps beyond that.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki's remarks came just before U.S. President Joe Biden held his first bilateral meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A joint statement after the meeting said the two countries would deepen their cooperation responding to COVID-19, but did not mention vaccines.

The U.S. hopes to supply all Americans with vaccinations by the end of Summer, while Mexican officials have expressed concern about supply bottlenecks and wealthy nations hoarding supplies.

So far, they've vaccinated about 1% of the population, according to Reuters data.

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