Volcanic Lava Destroys More Than 500 Homes in La Palma, Spain

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1 個月前

Firefighters in Spain kept a close eye on spreading lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma; by September 27 the lava flow had destroyed more than 500 homes, according to official estimates.

Video shared to Twitter by Ignacio Garcia Urquizo, a firefighter from Bilbao, shows lava creeping down a street on La Palma.

Garcia Urquizo, who traveled from Bilbao and spent four days on La Palma, thanked local crews with Fuerteventura Emergencias and Bomberos Gran Canaria for their trust in him.

Spain’s National Geographic Institute reported a new eruption on Monday, September 27, eight days after the first eruption began.

Copernicus EMS said optical imagery suggested 513 homes and 18.9 km of roads had been destroyed by September 27. Credit: Ignacio Garcia Urquizo via Storyful

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