Wildfire in Southern France Prompts Thousands of Evacuations

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A wildfire burning in southern France led to widespread evacuations and destroyed several homes, according to the latest update from the Gironde Prefecture.

Nearly 6,000 people were set to be evacuated from across the Gironde region, from the sector of Belin-Beliet and the town of Belin due to the Landiras Fire, the Prefecture said.

The fire has burned approximately 6,000 hectares in the Hostens commune and destroyed 16 houses in several areas of the town of Belin-Beliet, according to the Prefecture. No injuries have been reported.

Footage recorded by Nicolas Goegel shows large plumes of smoke rising from distant flames on a country road in Hostens. Goegel told Storyful he filmed the footage at a “sensitive point” of the fire with firefighters. Credit: Nicolas Goegel via Storyful