Woman Tries to Tell Driver About Popped Tire on Detroit Highway

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1 個月前

A woman struggled to get the attention of a motorist who was driving on a popped tire on a Detroit highway on October 21. Haley Mary Robin recorded this video and originally posted it to Twitter.

The video shows a Jeep driving along with a popped right rear tire, the rim clattering against the pavement. Robin can be heard saying, “I’m trying to tell her but she’s literally not listening.”

Robin yells “yo” multiple times and tries to wave the driver down but the Jeep drives on.

“I was honking the horn, I missed three exits on the highway trying to let her know,” she said. “I did end up getting her to pull over. After I explained why I pulled her over, she didn’t care and continued to drive!” Credit: Haley Mary Robin via Storyful

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