Slow-Mo Pile-Up on Montreal's Snowy Streets

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5 年前

Willem Shepherd and his co-workers filmed a series of accidents as vehicles of all kinds slammed into each other outside their office on a snowy morning in Montreal, Quebec, on December 5. They compiled the videos into this dramatic sequence.

The compilation shows buses, cars and even an snow clearing truck pile into each other in sequence as drivers struggle to deal with the first weeks of winter snow in the city. Credit: YouTube/Willem Shepherd via Storyful

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    Where did all these people behind the wheel ( notice I did not say drivers ) obtain their drivers license ? the Sahara Desert ?
    It appears to me that all four wheels of every vehicle were locked solid. Makes for nice skis.
    I can just imagine all drivers with both hands on the wheel ( holding on for dear life ) and their foot hard on the brake trying to go through the floor pan.
    I would be very surprised if any of of the drivers even thought of downshifting to reduce speed - yes folks you can even downshift with an automatic transmission
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    Its kind of awesome to watch. You want to cover your eyes and at the same time you want to see. Not a very good endorsement for snow tires. They try to sell it like snow tires can handle anything... not according to above.
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  • P
    Aren't snow tires mandatory in Quebec? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • s
    Looks like just a normal day of traffic in Montreal to me.
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    I needed a good laugh. Thanks
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    Does nobody else in the world use gritters? Funny all the same - until I look at my car insurance quote.
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    King Anthony
    I’m amazed. Briefing the comments, no one blamed the myth of human-made climate change, Muslims, a rape allegation or public breastfeeding rights for this accident. LOL
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    Isn't it the law in Quebec that you have to have snow tires on your v=car??if so - a lot of #$%$ drivers in Quebec!!
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    Jim W
    Maybe if they saved some of that cool shared cash from Alberta, they could afford to push real trucks and plows out on the streets getting them cleared of ice & snow. But Montreal's Mayor blocking the oil is only cutting off the hand that feeds his community coffers. Nice ending watching that little plow/sander sliding down to the final fat lady thump into that cruiser.
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