Unsecured Car Lost at Sea After Rolling Off Ferry

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5 年前

A 4×4 vehicle rolled from the back of a Manta Ray Fraser Island ferry barge off the Queensland coast on December 31, as a group of tourists were making their way out to the island to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Chlöe Swift was a member of the group and captured the moment the vehicle rolled into the water. On Facebook she wrote, “Luckily nobody inside the car! But quite a few phones, debit cards, passports and valuables all gone.”

According to local reports, the vehicle sank within minutes and emergency services were not called to the scene. Credit: Facebook/Chlöe Swift via Storyful

  • M
    It was owned by a chap called Sin-Kin Fee-Lin. He didn't have a Ferry good hand brake...
  • G
    Let's try this again. Common sense would have dictated the
    emergency brake is engaged. The responsibility of the ferry
    service would be to chain every vehicle down to the deck.
    At the very least would have a temporary rail installed
    after all the vehicles were loaded. DUH!
  • A
    my car has a hand brake
  • O
    Ordinary Average Guy
    So the driver failed to secure his own vehicle when parking it. Probably thinks it's somehow the ferry staff's fault, too.
  • A
    so who forgot to put into gear and apply handbrake ,on these type of sea crossings these ferries do not secure them as on major sea ferries as its a short trip between islands
  • s
    That's what the e brake is for. If you don't know how to operate a motor vehicle, leave it at home.
  • A
    Had the driver never heard of a hand brake?
  • G
    I wonder why there was no guard rail in the back of ferry!
  • A
    I enjoyed the non existent video... thanks Yapoo!
  • M
    its australia mate
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