Female driver overtakes competition at Dakar race

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STORY: ‘I’m so happy. It was a mixed race and I beat the boys!’

Locator: Dakar, Senegal

This is the moment Fatumata Bah won an amateur motor drag race in Dakar.

The Senegalese driver and other female drivers are challenging gender stereotypes

in the traditionally male-dominated sport and socially conservative country.

"Being a woman or a man doesn't mean anything. This is the 21st century - girl power!”

Bah took part of the capital's first so-called Dakar Grand Prix.

Inspired by the famous Paris-Dakar rally, organizers wanted to create an event where women and men could compete on an equal footing.

The race saw four men and four women competing for first place.

(Fatumata Bah, race car driver)

"Usually they say, ‘woman behind the wheel, death around the corner’ which is an old adage, and today I proved that it was not the case. And tomorrow we'll do it again - I was first. Nafissa was third, so the women didn't lose out.”

Bah started racing 20 years ago after her father encouraged her to share his interest in cars.

Her husband, mechanic Cheikh Tidiane Bathily, is also her coach.

(Fatumata Bah, race car driver)

“I dedicate this trophy to my father and my husband who have always supported me in this passion, which is supposedly reserved for men. They never ever tried to stop me.”

She donated her winnings to the SOS Children's Village organization, where she has worked since quitting banking.

(Fatumata Bah, race car driver)

“This race is much more for the underprivileged children, for the needy children who need a smile and hope. This cup is to show them that everything is possible in life - with courage and perseverance, you can do it. I am happy.”