Fiery Protests in Tel Aviv as Netanyahu Fires Defense Minister

1 年前

The sacking of Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant, was met with protests in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere on Sunday night, March 26, amid continued turmoil over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plans.

Israeli media reported more than 600,000 people had taken to the streets. Gallant had urged that the judicial reforms be halted.

Video by Idan Chen Shavit shows protesters in Tel Aviv.

Local media reported protesters lit bonfires and were hit by water cannons.

On Monday, a general strike was announced. There were no departures from Ben-Gurion Airport, banks and stores were closed, and healthcare services were expected to be impacted, media reported.

Protests continued on Monday, media reported, as an address from Netanyahu was expected. Credit: Idan Chen Shavit via Storyful