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Unraveling the complexities of remote work
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The pandemic made remote work the norm and set a new standard for employees. And for a while at least, it seemed like it might be here to stay.

But with the economy cooling and a less-robust jobs market giving employers the upper hand, more and more companies are now requiring their workers to come in to the office - something that has created tension between managers and employees.

But it's about much more than just sleeping later or spending quality time with Fido. Remote work is particularly beneficial to women and those in caregiving roles, argues Lindsay Kaplan Co-Founder of Chief. This sentiment is echoed by Ravin Jesuthasan, Mercer (MERC) Global Leader for Transformation Services, who emphasizes the need for equitable opportunities and flexibility in work arrangements.

Instead of enforcing rigid policies, it’s important for companies to highlight the benefits and purpose for returning to the office, says Stephen Bailey, ExecOnline Co-Founder and CEO. The current global shift in work culture has left organizations grappling with the question of how to best accommodate employees’ needs and maintain productivity and innovation.

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