FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr: We need to move forward quickly on a TikTok ban

After TikTok CEO Shou Chew was thoroughly grilled on Capitol Hill Thursday, the platform's 150 million American users are wondering about the fate of the social media app. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr telling Yahoo Finance that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seem unified in their concerns over owner Bytedance's relationship with the Chinese government and what is happening to user data as a result. When asked about the threats posed by other social media platforms, Carr advocated for putting "baseline privacy protections in place," but maintained that the nation needs to "move forward quickly with a TikTok ban."

Key Video Moments
0:12 Baseline concerns with social media
0:28 TikTok has lied about data security within China
0:36 TikTok tracking specific Americans
1:23 Better privacy protections

1:40 No data protections from Beijing