'You Gonna Clean It Up?': Officer Scolds Hungry Bear Chowing Down on Garbage

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2 天前
The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning to people after a bear was filmed eating garbage that was left unsecured in Kings Beach, California.The sheriff’s office shared footage on its Facebook page of a bear chowing down on garbage it had found. “You made quite the mess. You gonna clean it up?” a police officer jokes in the footage.“Your mother doesn’t live here!” the Facebook post reads. "When you leave your garbage unsecured, you run the risk of the local bears making a mess like this.“Please secure your garbage cans, bear boxes and dumpsters. Because as cute as they are, they don’t clean up after themselves!” Credit: Placer County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful
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    Really impressive animal and brave officers. Nice video.
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    Wow. Love it . Bet this is more pleasant to deal with than a lot of what they see.
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    Oldie But Goody
    You just don't wanna mess around with Yogi when he's dining !!
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    thats a big one. been eating good.
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    Wonder how much plastic and other things it ate besides food
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    Sadly I've seen humans leave bigger messes on the beach.
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    He's a big boy. A hungry one too.
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    Not really cute but they should remind us to secure our garbage always. Or maybe give them the scraps we don't need or want in clean, biodegradable food bowls in a safe place.
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    Poor baby was hungry
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    Cool picture. Love the dialogue!
CADreamin'1 天前
Really impressive animal and brave officers. Nice video.
shammy8 分鐘前
Nice gesture by the lads...fighting fires can't be too excit...更多