Anti-Abe Protesters Clash With Police as Prime Minister Holds Final Election Rally

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A rally held by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was met with protesters in Akihabara, Tokyo, on July 20, as the Liberal Democratic Party leader made a final plea to voters ahead of elections to the upper house of the National Diet on July 21.

Anti-LDP demonstrators carried a multitude of signs which ranged in message, from depicting Abe alongside a swastika to demands for pensions to be returned. Videos from the scene show an anti-fascist flag being waved.

Protesters clashed with police officers and a heavy security presence remained in place after Abe’s rally had ended, Nikkei’s live blog reported. Credit: Thoton via Storyful

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    About the constitution of Japan:
    1. Current Japanese constitution was, in summary, "suggested and presented" by
    GHQ (General Head Quarter: US occupation force) in 1945.
    The draft was created in a hurry (almost in 10 days) BASED on Japanese draft
    which was amended by GHQ
    2. The constitution has not been amended since 1945 ! for 71 years.

    Here's excerpt from interview with actual staff who was involved with creation of Japanese consitution (ref: you can translate it into English by Chrome browser
    Just a part of it is shown below:
    The symbolic emperor was created by us.
    The Japanese Constitution written by the US military officer.

    "The expression of the emperor as" the symbol of the country "or" the symbol of the nation's unification "is actually something that we thought of and created."

    It was a word that Mr. Charles Kaydis, who was the deputy general manager of the Civil Affairs Bureau and General of the US Army General of General Forces (GHQ), who wrote the Constitution of Japan, told me directly.
    In February 1946 (GHG), GHQ quickly drafted a draft of the Japanese constitution. "Major" was that Commander McArthur initially instructed the Japanese side to write the post-war Japan's new constitution voluntarily, but seeing that the draft was completed, he was suddenly dissatisfied, and suddenly Then, it was because the American side made the decision to make.
    The actual preparation of the draft was commissioned to the GHQ civil administration. The chief of the civil affairs department was Brigadier General of the US Army Courtney Whitney. The next deputy director was Kaedis. The drafting team was soon organized, with his head in charge. It was dominated by over twenty US military officers, mainly legal experience workers. There was no Japanese.
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    Since his lovey-lovey display & astonishingly frequent visits with Donald Trump, at the Trump resorts, jetting up highly expensive travel expenses on the backs of the Japanese Tax Payers, Abe & his Regime has been under scrutiny by the Japanese People.

    Not surprisingly, the People of Japan, especially Japan’s Millennials have noticed that the Liberal philosophies that Abe has inherited from his anti-militarism, pro-peace & pro-social Justice grandfather, Ken Abe, are fast disappearing to give way to more autocratic policies. Corruption, religious divisions & the gap between the rich & poor in Japan is fast expanding, with an astonishing increase in poverty increasing among Japan’s students & young adults..
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