Bear Relaxes in Pasadena Backyard as Family Dog Barks

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1 個月前

A bear in Pasadena, California, decided to drink some water and relax in a backyard on Saturday, July 4, even if their visit wasn’t welcomed by everyone.

Video shared by Deedee Mueller shows the bear drinking from a water feature and sitting on the deck to scratch. The family dog can be heard barking at the intruder.

Mueller told Storyful that “a momma bear and two cubs” live in her neighborhood. The family of bears occasionally visited her backyard to “cool off” in their pond before the young cubs started visiting on their own.

Muller’s YouTube channel features a number of videos of bears exploring her property. Credit: Deedee Mueller via Storyful

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    El Guapo
    This is pretty common. Not much water in the Angeles crest mountains.
  • m
    omg soooo cute i love bears i love animals.. so glad they let him stay !!
  • A
    Bear needed a cool drink and a good scratch. Just trying to survive like the rest of us.
  • p
    Bears like to chill as much as anyone. Giving them a venue to do it is the human thing to do.
  • C
    Bless his heart, i loved this. he just wanted to have a little rest.
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    LOL I've had a year old cub 2 yrs ago grow up and have 3 cubs and bring them by and then this year one of those 3 cubs come around looking for an easy meal!! They peruse the front and back porches and then leave.
  • J
    It may be the only open water left for the bears to drink. Thanks for allowing
    them respite.
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    Awesome video! Animals are great! Thank you for sharing! It's nice to know that animals are given some space to be free.
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    OMG, what a beautiful story!!! Deedee sounds like a kind person, enjoying the visits that the bears make on her property! It's adorable how all animals have some of the same basic wants and needs, like thirst, hunger, cooling off, scratching an itch, and just relaxing!
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    I love Bears.