Black Lives Matter Protesters March to White House

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1 個月前

Protesters marched toward the White House on June 2, to demonstrate against police brutality following the officer-involved death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

Protesters could be heard chanting, “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now,” as they marched through the streets of Washington, DC.

The protest was one of many, sometimes violent, demonstrations held across the United States and the world against police killings of black people. Credit: Monica Schneider via Storyful

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    This is going to get legitimately out of hand. Like him or not - the Secret Service just is not going to play games.
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    Did they do this when Obama was president, just curious. Since the movement started when he was president, genuinely curious if they marched on Washington back then. Specifically at the white house.
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    All of us lives matter, All you needs is grow up, learn manners, respect others, obey the law & stay out troubles.
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    Mike Lamhurtz
    Not 'protesters'.
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    This is one of the consequences of paying people more than when they were working.
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    Allah Ali
    You want Justice and Freedom of Equality....Fine, BUT how do you justify all this looting, burning and violence to others who are not connected to this around the country????? this is not a movement for Peace nor Justice but a well organized movement lead by outside forces who wish to destroy Our Country and start a Race War like the Civil War we have over come.... I bet Dr. Martin Luther King and Mohammad Ali would be proud of you Idiots....Cause I surely am NOT...Totally Un American....
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    Lock and load....shoot to...
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Thank God ! The puppy is saves.
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