California Woman Helps Corral Goats for Glass Fire Evacuation

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22 天前

A group of goats were rounded up and brought to safety as the Glass Fire grew and forced a number of evacuations in Napa County, California, on Sunday, September 27.

Jessica Sanders told Storyful the goats are owned by her friend Chris Maschauer, who brought them in to graze as a wildfire prevention measure. She said the goats only got about two days of grazing in before they had to evacuate.

“The fire moved into their section, and I had to cut the fence to get them out,” Sanders said. “Eventually after about an hour of chasing them up and down the hillside we were able to get them loaded up and taken to safety.”

Sanders said she brought the goats to her home in American Canyon, about 20 miles away from the Glass Fire. The blaze had burned 2,500 acres by Sunday night and exploded into more than 36,000 acres by Monday night.

Sanders said this video, taken on Sunday, shows the goats as the Glass Fire burns nearby. The footage also shows smoke billowing from the blaze and firefighters responding to the scene. Credit: Jessica Sanders via Storyful

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