Say Cheese! Dogs 'Smile' as Jowls Flap in Windy English Weather

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5 個月前

Gary and Liz Millington were out walking their cocker spaniels in Blackpool, United Kingdom, on July 5, when an unexpected gale came across the nearby cliffs, causing the dogs’ jowls to flap around in all different directions.

The Millingtons could not stop laughing as their dogs appeared to “smile” when the heavy wind caught their faces.

“It was so windy I really could not see what I was filming … I just clicked and hoped for the best,” Gary told Storyful.

The footage shows his two cocker spaniels, Bracken, eight, and Winnie, three, as they sit and bark at the camera.

Millington originally posted a photo to his Facebook page that garnered so much attention he decided to post the video as well, captioned, “A bit like Bracken & Winnie, we are literally blown away by your response to their picture. We are so glad it has brightened up some people’s day … anyway just for the giggle here is a short video we did as well.” Credit: Gary Millington via Storyful