As Coronavirus Reaches Iraq, Workers Spray Disinfectant in Public Areas

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1 個月前

A new case of coronavirus has been recorded in Baghdad, the Iraqi Ministry of Health said on February 27. The case, of a man returning from Iran, the ministry said, was in addition to four cases in Kirkuk and one in Najaf city.

The Iraqi government closed down public spaces, including cinemas and cafes, on February 27. Such places will remain closed until at least March 7, a statement said.

This video, shared by a local media outlet, shows disinfectant being sprayed in Kut, a city in Wasit province, which is near the Iranian border. Credit: Al-Mirbad via Storyful

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    Ian F
    You know full-well that there are Jihadi fighters who want to get deliberately infected to distribute this disease. This won't stop any time soon.
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    Coronavirus is worse than Y2K. The liberal media's newest boogieman to bring down Trump........ afterall, Trump invented Coronavirus.
babyD2 天前
Lol - made my day - so glad he is enjoying the bench. :)
me2 天前
Cool! There is a reason why I love dogs, stuff like this!
For crying out loud39 分鐘前
Mother Nature at her finest. Beautiful!