Crews Work to Restore Power to Thousands Amid Kansas City Snowstorm
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A winter storm had dropped more than seven inches of snow on Kansas City, Missouri, by 6am on January 12, according to the National Weather Service.The weather service said “many areas of eastern Kansas and western Missouri saw their highest snow totals in several years.”Kansas City power provider KCP&L said the storm knocked out power to at least 100,000 customers. Just before 6 pm, the company said it had restored power to more than 70,000 customers, and that 354 linemen were working to repair damage. However, it said, some customers may be without electricity until Monday, January 14, due to the extent of the damage its crews were seeing.The storm also caused at least four deaths and 57 injuries on Missouri roads by 2pm, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Credit: KCP&L via Storyful
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