Crowd Cheers as Cops Kneel During Black Lives Matter Rally in Central New Jersey

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1 個月前

A crowd cheered in Hightstown, in central New Jersey, on Tuesday, June 2, when a group of police officers kneeled with demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter rally.

Video taken by Amanda Szeles shows what she called a “beautiful moment” on Tuesday. Credit: Amanda Szeles via Storyful

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    Harry Baals
    Looks like they’re demonstrating how George Floyd was killed.
  • A
    Even the rituals are the same as in ancient Rome.
    Too many matches...
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    J Mac
    Our nation's police are surrendering to the enemy.
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    Cece E
    If there is going to be a real change in the world, this is what all cops, politicians and those in charge should be imitating! Good job guys for setting the example.
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    Cops- you are great Policemen.
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    Only a Fool kneels to men. Kneel Only before God !! Any one who Bows to men, has brought judgement upon themselves.
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    Rick H
    By kneeling with these degenerate terrorists, you are condoning and supporting their violence and their America-hating lunacy. You should be ashamed of yoursleves.