Dog not allowed to bark in house does hilarious half-bark instead

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1 個月前
Now that's a clever way to break the rules!
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    That's generally called a "huff." Dogs do it all the time. When I was a kid, my half boxer/half shepherd used to do it when he saw squirrels in our back yard. It indicates something is bothering the dog but not enough to go into full-on bark mode. However, they often do it when working themselves up to a good bark fest, if they're trying to decide whether or not it's worth it.
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    My dog is allowed to bark, and he does this all the time. It’s usually the precursor to the full out bark.
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    One of my yellow labs does that when he wants attention. It's pretty funny.
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    Love it! When our dogs bark we tell them to use their indoor voices and this is how they bark. It's really cute!
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    Great dog, our dog does half low barks when he wants out and he knows it’s to early in the morning
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    testing the boundaries :)
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    He's learned to use his INDOOR VOICE lol
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    That's how my dog barks in the house. Outside, it's a totally different 'voice'.
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    Too Smart For Her Own Good
    What a pretty dog!
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    Sad the dog is not allowed to bark. They might regret that some day.